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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Microdermabrasion - Face & Neck

A mechanical exfoliation that simulates collagen and elastin production. Helps to even out skin tone and texture as well as decrease pore size. MICRODERMABRASION FAQ

Chemical Peels

Chemical Solutions are applied to exfoliate and remove the outer damaged layers for smoother skin more even skin.
Starting at $85

Elaine Brennan Chemical Peel

What is it? The Elaine Brennan Chemical Peel is a unique and advanced peel that has been specially formulated to provide deep exfoliation without the destruction of skin cells and without the removal of any of the epidermis. Other peels may not only remove dead cells but also destroy living cell layers whereas the Elaine Brennan formulation actually restores the skin, stimulating regrowth! Best of all it is safe and effective for all skins regardless of age or color, and uses the best medical grade ingredients approved by the FDA for use on skin. Furthermore, it has been used and tested for over 35 years! This one-of-a-kind peel can be applied to several areas, including face, neck, eyelids, and select areas of the body!
How will it help me? Benefits of the Peel include:
  • Minimization of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased Skin tone, texture, and elasticity
  • Decreased acne, blemishes, blackheads, and congestion
  • Targets and treats sun damage and pigmentation
  • Balances skin moisture/hydration
Process & What to Expect: This peel requires three appointments. First you will be scheduled for a specialized consultation, here you will learn about the peel process, downtime, pre and post care instructions, and will be given your specialized skincare bag with products and accessories to use during the peel process! The second appointment will be the 1st 2.5 hour peel session. The following day you will return for the final appointment in which you will undergo the final 2.5 hour peel.
What’s the downtime? You should expect to have at least 7 days of downtime. You cannot get water on your face or apply makeup for seven days.
How long do the results last? The skin continues to improve for up to 12 months post peeling. It is ideal to repeat the procedure once a year or as needed.
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$850 or $999 for the peel & medical grade post procedure skincare products for optimal results (Savings of $160)
Micro Peel is $110

Micro Needling/Vampire

Our micro needling uses several fine needles in conjunction with growth factor serums to create invisible micro channels that stimulate specialized stem cells within your skin. You will see almost immediate improvement after one treatment and long term improvement with a series of treatments. In addition there is little to no downtime post procedure!
  • fine line & wrinkle reduction
  • acne & acne scarring
  • minimize pore size
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • generate new collagen & Elastin
  • $350 per treatment
    $900 package of 3

    Smooth Skin Facial

    Refine skin’s texture with this ultra-smoothing facial treatment featuring Glycolic Acid. This powerful Hydroxy Acid combines with Retinol to help stimulate cellular regeneration and condition skin, revealing a healthy, luminous complexion. An aromatherapy massage and hydrating mask add a soothing aspect to this active treatment - balancing results with relaxation.

    Bright Skin Facial

    Revitalize tired, dull skin from the inside out with a powerful blend of antioxidants, brighteners and moisturizing agents designed to treat hyper-pigmentation and even tone, resulting in a more luminous complexion. This treatment includes gentle exfoliation, relaxing massage and a nourishing mask. Your day looks brighter already.

    Clear Skin Facial

    Target existing breakouts while drawing out impurities and refining texture to fight future flare-ups. Enzymatic exfoliation softens and preps skin to clear debris from follicles, followed by a clay treatment mask to draw out excess oil. Medicated ingredients purify the skin, reduce bacteria as well as irritation. Couple this professional treatment with homecare products for the ultimate acne clearing solution.
    Laser Treatments

    Laser Treatments

    CO2 Laser

    The Co2 laser is considered the most effective weapon for combating wrinkles, aging and many other skin imperfections. These treatments stimulate the drmis to produce new collagen. After treatment, your skin will be more elastic and smoother, without any scars or alterations to your natural facial expression.
    Face $2,200
    Neck $800

    Intense Pulsed Light Treatments

    IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment delivers broadband light through the skin targeting the epidermis to treat sun damage, broken capillaries, rosacea, age spots, and enlarged pores.
    Face $375
    Decollete (Chest) $250
    Spot $99
    Hands $50

    Thermo-lo Treatment

    Targeted and localized treatment for milia (clogged pores), spider veins, skin tags, and more.

    Botox & Injections


    (typically 20 to 40 units depending on the individual)
    Botox is a onobotulinumtoxinA, this is a prescription medication that is injected into the muscle to temporarily treat moderate to severe frown lines and crows feet.
    $12 per unit


    No One Will Know.
    • Fill your parentheses Lines
    • Smooth your Parentheses Lines
    • Plump your Lips
    • Add Subtle Volume to lips and soften vertical lip lines
    $600 per syringe


    A Juvederm product
    • Lift and Contour your Cheeks
    Volume for lift and contour in the cheek area
    $800 per syringe


    • Lips and Vertical Lip Lines
    Add subtle volume to lips and soften vertical lip lines
    $400 per syringe


    A Juvederm product
    • Smooth parentheses lines
    $700 per syringe

    Kybella Treatment

    Kybella is the first and only FDA - approved injectable treatment to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin by physically destroying fat cells.

    Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins

    $195 per session
    $450 for 3 sessions
    Permanent Makeup

    Permanent Makeup

    Permanent Makeup Consultation

    The first step in the permanent makeup process. Discuss questions about permanent makeup, get an evaluation with our expert artist to learn if you're a candidate for permanent makeup. Cost is $50 for the consultation. This deposit goes towards the permanent makeup treatment of your choice!


    Choose from an array of custom options tailored to enhance your eyebrows
    Starting at $400

    Full Lips

    Permanent, natural, looking pigment is applied to the full lip area, helping to define and enhance the appearance of volume, and even out shape.
    Starting at $500

    Lip Liner

    A natural, permanent lip liner is applied to define lips, correct unevenness, and give a fuller appearance without needing to reapply makeup throughout the day! Price starts at $300!
    Starting at $300

    Lash Enhancement

    A light, natural, permanent eyeliner across the upper lash line.
    Starting at $150

    Upper and Lower Eye Liner

    Permanent eye liner for upper or lower eye lids.
    Starting at $200 for each area

    Tattoo Removal

    Have faded or undesirable permanent makeup? We can remove almost any unwanted permanent makeup with our LiFT Removal system. Multiple sessions are required. Schedule a consultation to get further information!
    $150 per session
    Other Services

    Other Services

    Spray Tan

    $30 per session
    $100 package of 4

    DaVinci Teeth Whitening

    $300 for 3 sessions

    Cryotherapy for Wart Removal

    Starting at $75
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